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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental implants, MDIs, are very similar to a traditional dental implants, except the titanium post used is much smaller.

Mini dental implants take the place of a tooth root and are anchored into the jawbone. They were originally designed to retain dentures, but as the technology evolved so have the dental uses.

Unlike a traditional dental implant, which consists of two pieces, a mini dental implant is a single piece fitting with a ball end. The ball end snaps into a socket that is attached to a dental appliance such as a denture.

In addition to retaining dentures, mini dental implants have been used instead of traditional dental implants for a single tooth replacement, if the biting stresses are not too great.

Mini dental implant versus traditional dental implant advantages:
•  Significantly lower cost
•  Smaller implant size
•  Greatly reduced post-implantation recovery time
•  Dentures or other appliances can be installed and removed easily due to design

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