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Prosthodontics is a specialty within dentistry, and we focus primarily on restoration and cosmetic treatments to improve the function and look of your teeth following tooth loss, trauma to the teeth and jaw, and congenital defects including cleft palate and lip. The technology we use is highly specific to the rebuilding and improvement of teeth and bone, including the creation of prosthetic devices such as dental crowns, bridge, partial and full dentures, along with the guided insertion of Dental Implants.

Prosthodontics specializes in the treatment of dental and facial restoration, including missing teeth and reconstruction of the jaw structure. At Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Dr. Roy Blake focuses primarily on cosmetic restoration, the surgical placement of dental implants, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), along with the creation of dental crowns, bridges, dentures.

We strive to stay abreast in the latest of procedures, tools and technology, setting our office apart. Typical technological tools that we regularly incorporate include:

•  Digital X-Rays: The primary tool of digital x-rays allows us to see tissue that is otherwise hidden. We can review, examine, and create a treatment plan through the examination of digital radiographs. Digital technology has changed x-rays, no longer do we review tiny grainy x-rays, instead we are able to see clear, high resolution images that are digitally saved and instantly shared through our system. Additionally, digital technology allows us to accomplish this with significantly less radiation than before.

•  CBCT or CAT Scan: Often referred to simply as a 3D x-ray, this scan can provide a very detailed view of your entire oral cavity in a 3D format. We are able to view the layers including the depth and positioning of tissue. We often use this information for surgical planning, including Dental Implant planning.

•  CAD/CAM Technology: CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. What this tool means for you is greater precision. The technological tools we have today increasingly takes the guess work out of play and leaves room for much more exactness. Using CAD and CAM technology, we can create precise surgical treatment maps and then create the dental restoration that best fits with your neighboring teeth for a well-fitting, functioning prosthetic.

•  Digital Impressions: Digital impressions allow us to take impressions of your teeth and gums without the hassle and physical molds of traditional plaster molds. We take a digital scan of your teeth and send the information digitally to a dental lab. The means instant communication with the lab and more precise information for improved creation and fit of your dental prosthetic.

•  Laser Surgery: Our laser technology is a huge benefit to our patients. We can make cuts to your soft and hard tissues with minimal damage and better healing. Laser technology uses a directed beam of light to remove only the needed tissue. Patients who have surgical procedures done with laser tools find that they have less pain, less swelling, and faster healing.

All of our tools are used to increase success in your treatment. We are happy to review and discuss all the tools with you before use as needed. We strive to provide our patients with all necessary information to provide them greater comfort and decrease their stress levels during a potentially stressful situation.

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The dental technology we use is highly specific to the rebuilding & improvement of teeth & bone. Call our nearby Jupiter FL office today!
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