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Mini Dental Implants Jupiter FL

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We may be able to replace missing teeth with a permanent solution, faster and easier than you think. Mini dental implants require less planning, less preparation, and often without a bone graft procedure. Our team, including Dr. Roy Blake, at Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist can help you have implant secured teeth, and we are happy to discuss all available options, which may include mini dental implants.

Mini dental implants are a variation on standard dental implants. They are smaller in diameter and generally shorter in length, though the length of implants can vary depending on location and the prosthetic being used.

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In general, dental implants are a post that we insert into the bone to support and stabilize a dental implant. They are threaded like a screw on the end that enters the bone and have a connecting head that we can then attach a prosthetic, including a dental crown, a dental bridge, a partial denture or even a full denture to.

Mini implants differ, they:

•  Require Less Preparation: One of the most time consuming steps in implant placement is the building up and growth of new bone to support the implant. Mini dental implants do not require a bone graft procedure for placement.

•  Completed in One Appointment: Most implant procedures require at least two office visits following the initial consultation. Mini implants can be placed with the prosthetic device all in the same appointment.

•  Even Less Invasive: Though standard implant placement is a minimally invasive procedure; mini implant placement is an even less invasive procedure. This means less discomfort placing and less discomfort in healing.

•  Increase your Comfort: Mini implants will provide you the secure feeling in your prosthetic that you are looking for. No more slipping, rocking, or falling out. Mini implants can keep your device in place.

•  Minimum Failure Rate: Overall, dental implants have been found to be a highly successful dental restoration, this remains true for mini dental implants. Studies show a very high rate of success in mini implant restoration.

•  Affordable: Dental implants can prove to be financially out of reach for many patients, mini implants are a fraction of the cost.

Mini Implant Placement

The placement of mini dental implants is a relatively simple procedure, for most patients:

•  Minimal Disruption: We can place mini implants with just a local anesthetic. Placement generally takes between one and two hours, and patients are often surprised that the procedure is basically painless, and that healing time is generally short. Any pain or discomfort from the procedure often dispels within 48 hours, and many patients report no soreness at all. Most patients have reported eating just a couple hours after the surgery.

•  Less Tissue Trauma: Placing your mini implants is even less invasive, with less trauma to the bone and tissue. This allows patients to bypass long healing times and any complications that come with that. Also, if you’ve been told that you are not a good candidate due to improper healing ability, this may be the answer for you. Mini dental implants do not require as much tissue, and bone cuts to be placed.

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Whether you need a single tooth replacement, or you are missing several teeth that you would like to replace with multiple dental implants, we likely have a treatment option for you. Call us at (561) 296-3399 to schedule your consultation today!

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Mini Dental Implants Jupiter FL
At Roy C. Blake, DDS, we can help repair your smile faster with our Mini Dental Implants that require less planning & preparation! Click here to learn more!
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