"Being referred to Dr. Blake’s office has literally changed my life. After years of neglect I was in need of a full mouth restoration. Due to my extreme sensitivity and poor response to numbing medications, I had developed an abnormal fear of being in the dental chair. There were other dentists that simply did not wish to take on a case that had progressed to such an extent. Dr. Blake accepted this challenge. He guided me through every procedure with the most caring and gentle approach imaginable. Thank you for my new smile and all that goes with it! You’re my hero Dr. Blake!" - Ray

"Dr. Blake has been my primary dentist and specialist since coming to Florida 17 years ago. We consult together when hard decisions have to be made. He always helped giving me options and letting me make the final choice. He is empathetic and caring when difficult problems arise. For example, an appliance broke on a Friday – he met me in the office on Saturday without making me feel that I was imposing on his free time." - Leah

"Dr Blake is the best!" - Jette

"I’d just about abandoned hope that anything could be done to salvage the remnants of my lower teeth, but Dr. Blake’s confidence and skill worked miracles. Also, Dr. Blake’s soft-spoken assurance and expertise, aided and abetted by the gentle competence of Luz, and the radiantly sunny disposition of Christine made the formerly dreaded sessions in the chair almost something to look forward to. (and those cookies weren’t bad either!)" - Jack

"After over 20 years of unexcelled care by you and your staff, I would recommend you highly. " - Michiyo

"Dr. Blake had to do a very challenging and complicated job for me and did it with great care and gentleness, taking his time to get it right. The office crew was extremely friendly and helpful, for which I was very grateful and wishing all of them continued success." - Maria

"Dr. Blake and all his staff are the epitome of warm and caring professionalism!" - Anonymous

"I think Dr. Blake is the best! Dr. Blake is so thorough, so caring, and so professional. The entire office is extremely clean and staffed with happy people who want to be there! All of you made my experience of 2 implants a very positive one. And if it’s still “pb and j” that keeps Dr. Blake running ~ keep them coming. He is fantastic. Also on a different note, love seeing the neck tie of the day! Thank you for all you did for me! " - Anonymous

"Anthony and I have had only the best experience. Thank you for being so wonderful." - Marija

"It’s just a privilege to have Dr. Blake in our lives! He’s everything you’d want to have in a dentist -- He’s kind, caring, capable, a perfectionist -- just a “take charge” person. It’s such a comfort to know “our teeth are in good hands”! Thanks Dr. Blake!
Very sincerely, " - Hugh and Barbara

"I found Dr. Blake in the Yellow Pages on a Saturday in 1984. He met me that afternoon. I have been his patient for 25 years. I respect him, admire him and love him. His office is very well run, front desk – very nice, and hygienist is excellent. I am very lucky to have him and his staff for all my dental needs." - Nancy

"Dr. Blake and everyone in his office are wonderful. Tony and I can’t thank you guys enough! Thank you again for everything." - Linda and Tony

"I had a considerable amount of work to be done and Dr. Blake and his staff have been marvelous. I have had the very minimum amount of pain and discomfort for the work being done. Again, Dr. Blake is marvelous and I would recommend him to anyone!" - Nancy

"Dr. Blake is always extremely professional, meticulous, accommodating, and at the same time, affable and sincerely interested in his patient’s well-being and concerns. The staff is at all times very courteous and professional. Their constant friendly and pleasant attitudes ensure that at every visit, the patient’s experience is always relaxing and positive." - John

"Dr. Blake is the most considerate and caring and wonderful doctor we have ever met!" - Norman and Violet

"A number of years ago my general dentist attempted to do some prosthodontist work on me and was unable to make the partial fit. Fortunately Dr. Gandhi recommended Dr. Blake to me who proceeded to do an extensive reconstruction on my mouth with complete success, and included several implants. To this day, I am very comfortable with the work that Dr. Blake did for me." - Albert

"Listen, after years of going to a prosthodontist i.e., Dr. R.C. Blake III, I can tell you he’s tops (and then some) in reconstructing your teeth, bite, etc. Since I’m a product of tooth grinding, the nightguard he’s fitted is also comfortable and wearable. What can I say, I love Dr. R.C. Blake III!" - Celia

"In addition to an excellent reconstruction of my dentures and hader bar, whenever I’ve had a problem, Dr. Blake saw me immediately and solved it, freeing me from pain. His assistant, Luz, and receptionist, Christine, have been warm, welcoming, and friendly. The whole office is 'family.'" - Edna

"I would highly recommend Dr. Blake and his staff to everyone. They are the most compassionate, caring people I know. The work Dr. Blake did on me made me feel like a new person. Thank you." - Sharon

"Everyone on Dr. Blake’s staff reflects his demeanor: warm, professional, and far above excellent. There is no office equal to Dr. Blake’s. For over 50 years I had an irrational terror of dentists. Well, no more! Since becoming Dr. Blake’s patient, I love going to the dentist. Dr. Blake doesn’t do pain! Always I happily make my next appointment while still there. For me, I’m just visiting my friends. Teeth cleanings and other procedures have become incidental to my visit. I love to go there! As I said previously, 'they don’t do pain!'" - Amy

"I am very happy with the work Dr. Blake did and maintains year after year. He listens and advises you. His time and effort is very appreciated. I have been going to Dr. Blake for the last 9 years. He and his staff are excellent. Thank you very much" - Aurora

"Dr. Blake was instrumental and supervised my getting implants and complete dentures at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic (where Dr. Blake teaches implant dentistry courses to practicing dentists). If I had the means to afford a new set of dentures, I’d go to him without any hesitation. I owe Dr. Blake much gratitude." - Anne

"Dr. Blake is not only a wonderful dentist – he is kind and understanding. Dr. Blake met me at his office on a Saturday afternoon in response to a frenzied call. I had lost a front tooth in a restaurant. He is # 1 with me (and my husband, too)." - Barbara

"I was away when my temporary crown broke. I called Dr. Blake’s office on my way home. I was told to come into the office and Dr. Blake would see me. He spent two hours with me to repair the crown. I think Dr. Blake took pity on me and did not charge me for this service. I have been to many dentists in my time, but Dr. Blake and the people in his office are terrific. My family also goes to Dr. Blake. I would recommend Dr. Blake to anyone." - Lee

"Everyone at Dr. Blake’s office is very pleasant and always goes the extra mile to help with any questions." - Elena

"I have known and used Dr. Blake for the last 20 years. He is the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. His work is perfection and his compassion and kindness know no bounds. I have had major dentistry problems that other dentists could or would not handle. Dr. Blake solved them and made my life pain-free." - Jacqueline

"Most compassionate dentist ever. Friendly, smiling, first-name basis. Called after hours once and Dr. Blake was very polite and accommodating about my problem." - Edwina

"I consider Dr. (Roy) Blake and Luz friends as well as professional people. I trust Dr. Blake to keep and maintain good dental health." - David